Featured Academic Host: The Sharing Hub

Introducing The Sharing Hub, an Australian company and WorldStrides academic host that works with our Global Academic Team to meet with students and impart what they do with emerging leaders in various fields. The Sharing Hub’s field of expertise is the sharing economy – something you are probably an active participant in even if you don’t know it.

The sharing economy is a peer-to-peer based way of obtaining, providing, or sharing goods and services through online connections. According to our friends at The Sharing Hub, one in 10 Australians are significantly boosting their income through the sharing economy by supplying services. What’s more? Almost HALF are using it several times a month as customers. This means the sharing model is quickly becoming a vital part of Australia’s economy. But it’s not just our friends down under benefiting from this economic model. Globally, the sharing economy is estimated to grow from $14 billion in 2014 to $335 billion by 2025. That’s no small change! It’s safe to say commerce around the world is changing because of this, but cooler still, it is creating communities around the globe as well.

Perhaps inspired by the sharing economy model in and of itself, The Sharing Hub is a “vibrant community which aims to accelerate the life cycle of young and disruptive sharing economy platforms and users, allowing access to education, mentorship and investment opportunities, as well as a space for entrepreneurs to collaborate and share their advice and experiences.” The Sharing Hub was established by several founders of startups who are passionate about educating and advocating for the sharing economy in Australia. “The market is in its infancy in Australia and there is a seismic shift in consumer behaviour and subsequent opportunity for Aussies to leverage the opportunities that both exist today and those which lie ahead,” said Sharing Hub CEO and Founder, Michael Rosenbaum.  Companies benefiting from the community The Sharing Hub has created include:

Spacer – a way for people to rent (or rent out) parking spaces and garages.

Mad Paws – a way to connect with 14,481 pet sitters.

Car Next Door – a neighbor-to-neighbor car sharing service.

Blys – mobile massage services on demand, yes please!

And that’s just to name a few!

One way The Sharing Hub is practicing what they preach is by sharing what they do and mentoring students from around the world. MBA students from California State University – Long Beach and more recently, Montclair State University attended a masterclass on the sharing economy at The Sharing Hub while they were studying abroad in Australia. The program consisted of a panel discussion on entrepreneurship with founders from Spacer, Car Next Door, Mad Paws, and Blys; followed by discussion time and a Q&A session. “The Sharing Hub founders shared insights around how they went about establishing their businesses, sharing “war stories” as well as tactics & strategies that have worked well along their journeys. The students were keen to learn more about the Australian market and how it fits into the global context,” said Rosenbaum. “It’s always inspiring meeting young entrepreneurs.”

The Sharing Hub panel meeting with students from Montclair State University

Montclair State University group at The Sharing Hub masterclass
California State University Long Beach students participating in discussions at The Sharing Hub

The Sharing Hub is one of countless companies sharing knowledge with WorldStrides higher ed students around the world. WorldStrides ISA Custom Programs often incorporate immersive global engagements that allow students to meet professionals working in their fields of interest. Our unique Global Academic Team works closely with business faculty to develop itineraries that feature visits with business leaders to allow students to truly understand the business environment in their destination.

Thanks to The Sharing Hub for, well, sharing!

Article written by Ellen Sewell

Ellen Sewell
Ellen’s background is in digital marketing, and she has a passion for travel and experiencing new places. When she’s not scrolling behind the screen sourcing content, Ellen enjoys spending time with her husband, son and golden retriever.