Hey Smithsonian - What should a kid do to become an astronaut?

Every child is asked at some point in their young lives, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Many little boys and girls may say they want to be astronauts and go to space, or perhaps they voice that they want to fly airplanes. The National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., knows the importance of inspiring kids who visit the museum, and helping them to realize that what may seem impossible is in fact possible. The folks at Air and Space hear stories all the time about how visits to their museum influenced future careers. Check out this impressive (and inspiring!) example:

Astronaut Alvin Drew used to skip school as a kid to visit the Air and Space Museum. While we don’t recommend ever cutting class, it seemed to pay off for Alvin, who is now living his professional dream. Check out Alvin’s story of how he became an astronaut through hard work and a passion for learning.

Imagine the possibilities students can discover during a WorldStrides Washington, D.C. program! In the meantime, check out the National Air and Space Museum’s STEM in 30, an online classroom program consisting of 30-minute webcasts that engage middle school students in STEM topics ranging from WWI airplanes to rovers on Mars. Students can event chat with experts live! What a way to get inspired for the future!