Holiday Gift Guide for Students and Travelers

Because of the nature of what we do at WorldStrides (and what we love!), many of our employees are frequently in the sky and hitting the road! Are you or your son/daughter traveling with us soon? Do you know someone who travels for work and/or fun? Our in-house travel experts recently shared some items they never adventure without.

Check out this year’s Holiday Gift Guide for Students and Travelers:

Did you see the PERFECT gift for someone (or for yourself)? Here’s where you can purchase the items or something similar:

  • Power Bank – No more huddling around outlets with other people at the airport. Charge your electronics anywhere and anytime with a portable power bank.
  • Packable Coat – Everyone wants a small pillow on a long flight or road trip. Surprise! This pillow easily turns into a high-quality down jacket.
  • Wallet – This slim wallet fits easily in your bag, yet is large enough to hold currency, a passport, etc. for efficient organization while traveling.
  • Slipper Socks AKA Snoozies – Take a cozy piece of home with you when you travel. Slip on these slipper socks to keeps your feet warm and comfy after a long day of walking/traveling. They are also wonderful for overnight flights!
  • Phone Case – Some people prefer to keep credit cards and ID in their phone case, and this one is perfect for keeping everything in one place.
  • Cashmere Wrap – This comfy wrap is large enough to use as a blanket on a chilly flight, and once you reach your destination it is versatile enough to wear with jeans or over a cocktail dress.
  • Camera – Never travel without a camera! Yes, we all have cameras on our phones now, but this camera is super portable and takes higher quality photos. Bonus! This one is waterproof.
  • Crossbody Bag – Crossbody bags keep your personal belongings close and accessible. Easily reach for things you need while keeping your important items close and safe.
  • Bag with Shoe Compartment – Do you know how many germs reside on the soles of your shoes?? Keep footwear separate from your other belongings with this bag that features a separate pocket for shoes.
  • Lumio Book Lamp – Another surprise! What is seemly a book turns into a lamp when opened. Perfect for a soft reading light while in a hotel or riding in the car.

Headed out of town this holiday season? Check out our 5 Packing Tips for Every Traveler and 6 of Our Favorite Travel Apps. Happy Holidays!

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Article written by Ellen Sewell

Ellen Sewell
Ellen’s background is in digital marketing, and she has a passion for travel and experiencing new places. When she’s not scrolling behind the screen sourcing content, Ellen enjoys spending time with her husband, son and golden retriever.