Hey Teachers! Win $1,500 in our Lesson Plan Contest!

As an educator myself, I am a firm believer that teachers should share. Share stories, share tips and, yes, share lesson plans!

If you are here on the WorldStrides website, I have to believe you are a teacher who believes in experiential learning and travel. If so, welcome to a like-minded community! Communities thrive when they collaborate and feed off one another’s valuable ideas. For this reason, I am thrilled to announce we’re inviting educators like you to join us in a lesson plan contest. It’s a chance to share how proud you are of that awesome lesson plan your students loved AND learned from. And it’s a chance to win $1,500!

I’ll lead by example with a lesson plan from our Curriculum & Academics team here at WorldStrides. This one is for language teachers, and it includes a downloadable map to help you facilitate. Just click on the DOWNLOAD button below. Hope you enjoy!

Our contest is open to all teachers from grades 6-12. You may submit up to three lesson plans. Learn more and enter here.

Get submitting, teachers! Lesson plans are due on November 30th.

Remember, sharing means caring!

Map & Directions Lesson Plan
Download the lesson plan example here.
Please make sure "POP UP BLOCKING" is disabled in your browser to display the download.

Article written by Wendy Amato

Wendy Amato
Wendy leads education efforts across WorldStrides' family of brands, helping students of all ages realize transformative learning experiences through travel. When she's not planning innovative professional development for teachers, writing online courses for students, or leading WorldStrides' re-accreditation efforts, she's typically baking chocolate chip cookies or telling (bad) jokes to make her co-workers smile.

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