4 Great Photo Journaling Apps

Everyone wants to record memories from their travels, but who has the space to store those memories or the time to make a scrapbook? Keeping a digital journal is a great way to record everything without having to print photos and save maps and mementos. Check out these four apps that make journaling during your travels easy and efficient.

4 Great Photo Journaling Apps
Easy apps for keeping a digital travel journal
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Article written by Kiersten Teitelbaum

Kiersten Teitelbaum
Kiersten Teitelbaum is the Associate Director of Curriculum and Academics for WorldStrides. She holds a MEd in the Social Foundations of Education from the University of Virginia. She is currently completing research in experiential learning, student wellness, and physical activity. In her five years at WorldStrides, Kiersten has provided professional development to teachers in Canada, Spain, France, and across the United States.