9 Cool Facts about Alaska

In 1959, Alaska joined the United States of America. With its abundance of wildlife, natural resources, and diverse landscapes, it’s no wonder why Alaska is known as America’s last great frontier! Want to know why it’s a place you should check out? Here are 9 cool facts about Alaska that will make you want to pack your bags.

  1. 17 of the 20 highest peaks in the United States are in Alaska, including Denali which is the highest at 20,306 feet above sea level.
  2. Dog mushing is Alaska’s state sport. It was once the primary mode of transportation!
  3. Speaking of dogs, the Iditarod dog sled race is the state’s largest sporting event.

  1. Alaska has the highest male-to-female ratio in the United States. There are 107 men for every 100 women.
  2. According to estimates, there is also one bear to every 21 people!
  3. Alaska is the home to eight national parks: Denali, Gates of the Artic, Glacier Bay, Katmai, Kenai Fjords, Kobuk Valley, Lake Clark and Wrangell-St. Elias.
  4. In the state capital of Juneau, there are no roads that connect the city to the rest of Alaska or North America. That means, you can’t just get in the car and drive in and out of Juneau. It’s also the largest US city!
  5. Alaskan Kodiak and polar bears can grow to 1,400 pounds and 11 feet tall. Moose can grow to 1,350 pounds, with an antlers’ span of 72 inches.
  6. Alaska is the biggest state in the United States, sure, but it is also larger than the combined area of the 22 smallest U.S. states. Twelve New York states or 470 Rhode Island states can fit in Alaska! If it were a country, Alaska would be 17th largest country in the world.

So much to explore! I’m ready for my Alaskan adventure. Check out our Alaska itineraries below!

Article written by Jessica Shein

Jessica Shein
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