What is Doctors on Call?

If you have a medical emergency during your travel program, there is nothing more comforting than having a doctor on call. WorldStrides’ industry-leading health and safety measures include access to 24/7 medical support for travelers in D.C. and around the world.

This is accomplished through the Doctors on Call program. This special service, in partnership with the George Washington University Department of Emergency Medicine, gives our travelers exclusive access to innovative medical professionals at George Washington University who specialize in delivering medical care in unusual circumstances.

In Washington, D.C., this means a doctor can visit the student at their hotel, or even at a memorial or museum! If the student is traveling outside of D.C., Doctors on Call is available by phone 24 hours a day for consultation.

As WorldStrides’ Medical Director Neal Sikka explains, this service provides peace of mind to families that each student will have expert medical care in emergencies large and small.