Travel Tips: Staying Healthy

In most of the country, winter has been hanging around far too long. (Seriously, GO HOME WINTER.) Unfortunately, the flu season is hanging around with it! According to the CDC, cases of flu A have decreased but not yet concluded. However, flu B cases are still occurring.

The last thing you want to pick up while traveling is a flu bug, so we checked in with WorldStrides Medical Director Dr. Neal Sikka to talk about how to avoid getting sick.  He says the best practices for avoiding the flu and any contagious virus are the same.

  1. If you didn’t get a flu shot, it’s not too late. Even a late flu shot can help protect you from the flu.
  2. Keep your hands clean! Frequent hand washing, or alcohol-based hand sanitizer. for convenience while traveling are a must. Dr. Sikka recommends pinning a hand sanitizer container to your backpack.
  3. Share stories. Share photos. Don’t share straws, or food, or other utensils that carry germs.
  4.  Beware what you touch. In public places like airports or tourist sites, it’s easy to forget, but you can keep your hands to yourself and avoid picking up additional germs.
  5. Feeling ill? If you think you are getting sick, practice good habits like coughing into your arm to avoid getting others in your group sick.
  6. Wear a mask. While this might not be necessary for the average traveler, anyone with reduced immunity can consider a mask for public places – particularly confined spaces like airlines.

Watch some of Dr. Sikka’s top tips here.

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Article written by Beth Campbell

Beth Campbell
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