7 Blooms Around the World

The cherry blossoms in D.C. aren’t the only famous flowers around the world. Love spring? (Or summer or fall?) Here are some other places where you can see Planet Earth in all her glory!

Outside of Brussels in Belgium, a forest known as “Halle’s Wood” shows off for spring with a virtual carpet of bluebells. The remote area known as Hallerbosin Flemish (or Bois de Halle in French) is a natural garden – which means not only is it beautiful, but it’s free too!

Sydney, Australia may be at her best in October when the jacarandas are in full bloom. The purple trees don’t just look beautiful! They smell like honey, and often coat the sidewalks for a spectacular floral visit to Australia’s most famous city.

Tulips in Amsterdam. The fame of these famous flowers equals D.C.’s cherry blossoms. The most famous spot to view them is Keukenhof Botanical Gardens. Actually the garden has daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, and roses too, but the tulips are the star. Like the cherry blossoms, their peak bloom can be elusive, but you can track the season on Keukenhof’s Facebook page.



Similar to cherry blossoms, shibazakura are a magenta pink, white, and purple varietal that grow at the base of Mount Fiji. Shibazakura peak season (April/May) is so popular that the region hosts a festival in its honor. Often called a “pink carpet,” the 800,000+ create a perfect contrast to the snowy peak of Mount Fuji above!

In the summer in Provence, the lavender fields are so magnificent, there are numerous festivals to celebrate them. The purple flower blankets the region, with a peak season in the summer.

Provence, France Lavender Fields

Tuscany becomes even sunnier during the sunny summer months when the sunflowers bloom. The height of the sunflower season is typically mid-July, and there are often fields of them – a photographer’s dream!


Death Valley, California is famous for its wildflowers, though their bloom is elusive (and so far in 2018, not so good!). Catch appropriately-named flowers like Desert Gold, Desert Mariposa, Brittlebrush, and Desert Dandeloin in peak seasons that go from February through July. Wildflower information is available online through the National Park Service.

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Article written by Beth Campbell

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