5 Haunted Soccer Stadiums in England

A number of soccer venues carry a spooky aura around their history. In England especially, some of the most well-known stadiums have a haunted past. From experiencing supernatural phenomena to encountering ghosts around a venue, here are 5 haunted soccer stadiums in England.

Arsenal Soccer Stadium, Highbury, North London

Highbury Stadium – Arsenal FC

The former home of Arsenal FC, Highbury Stadium is haunted by Herbert Chapman, Arsenal’s most successful pre-war manager. He is said to have been spotted on the grounds of this former stadium with a horse that died during construction. In addition to Chapman’s presence, Highbury Stadium also features the ashes of other Arsenal fans, furthering the suspicion of a supernatural presence at this site.

St Marys Stadium, Southampton

St. Mary’s Stadium – Southampton FC

Southampton fans visiting St. Mary’s stadium home find themselves anxiously alarmed by the presence of spirits moving objects within the venue. To combat this presence, an actual witch was brought in to ward off the spirits and bring tranquility to the fans.

Stadium of Light

Stadium of Light – Sunderland AFC

Years ago, staff members at the Stadium of Light spotted a dim shape in a stadium corridor. Shortly thereafter, Sunderland’s then-striker, Stephen Elliot, witnessed the same figure causing a number of teammates to believe the venue really was haunted. The spirit haunting this venue is believed to be a stranded 18th century French sailor named Spottee who would guide ships to crash into coastal rocks.

Madejski Stadium, Reading

Madejski Stadium – Reading FC

Near the home stadium of Reading FC lies the spirit of King Henry I whose remains were discovered by archeologists. Following these findings near Madejski Stadium, Reading FC has seen a significant fall from grace from the English Premier League, leading some to blame the king for a losing record.

Stamford Bridge Chelsea Stadium

Stamford Bridge – Chelsea FC

Not all haunted sports venues have a spooky ambiance, Stamford Bridge has its own spirit that actually is said to bring joy to witnesses. Smiling Man is well known to Chelsea fans to bring positive outcomes to the lives of anyone who experiences him. A woman who attended a Chelsea game with her husband and saw Smiling Man actually won a new car from a raffle she entered at Stamford Bridge!

For any team seeking a thrill out of the unknown, booking a London Soccer Tour for a visit to any of these venues and let us know if you encounter any of the unworldly figures!