Performance Technology in Sports

The sports industry has smartened up to the idea of incorporating new and emerging forms of technology into the framework of the industry. Adding new innovations to maximize player performance has spring boarded the sports industry forward into the modern age for players and teams, a trend we’re seeing with some of the teams that travel on our WorldStrides Excel programs.

During games and training, coaches and players have been paying more attention to the maintenance of their bodies through a new form of technology, Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS) which focus on the physical fitness and exertion of a player during a game or training session. EPTS primarily tracks player and ball positions, but can be used in combination with other monitoring equipment.

Currently, there are three forms of physical tracking devices available on the market that provide a wealth of benefits:

  1. Optical-based camera systems
    1. Non-invasive to players
    2. Commonly used in the football market
    3. High sampling rate and possible ball tracking
  2. Local positioning systems
    1. High number of possible measurements
    2. Accurate data is measured in real-time
    3. Ultra-wide band technology reduces chances of interference in the transmission path
  3. GPS systems
    1. High number of possible measurements
    2. Short installation time
    3. No operator needed

EPTS has been incorporated in training and match play to track the workloads of players during performance. Coaches are able to determine when a player is reaching their maximum workload to help manage their team’s overall physical exertion. One understanding of EPTS is that they become more effective as additional forms of technology are incorporated. Adding wearable technology like fitness bands and accelerometers assists in providing a clearer picture in the algorithm of maximizing player performance.

With soccer being such a year-round and physically demanding sport, maximizing the performance of each player throughout the season has become more and more critical. Through fitness tracking, global positioning, and wearable technology coaches are able to determine how much work a player is doing and can adjust that player’s workload, maximizing the overall effective performance of a player as the season progresses.

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