Fundraising Hall of Fame: Alex Wheeler

As part of our inaugural Fundraiser Hall of Fame series, we’d like to introduce to you to our first inductee, Alex Wheeler! Alex traveled with WorldStrides in March of 2014 to Spain and France. Now a junior at Murray State University, Alex was inspired to double major in history education and Spanish education after her trip. Alex also acts as a fundraising consultant for WorldStrides, giving students and teachers fundraising advice and motivation by phone or email. 

When it comes to fundraising, Alex is a superstar. She raised the entire cost of her trip, plus $500 in spending money, through a series of fundraisers over the course of eighteen months. Her most successful fundraiser? A pie sale that raised more than $800!

In the videos below, Alex discusses some of her fundraising efforts, and shares how her hard work paid off.

Alex also recently wrote a piece on how traveling as a high school student changed her life. Read her insights here!

Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Alex!

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