Shore Lacrosse Club Travels to England and Scotland

As the official team sport of Maryland, the home of WorldStrides Excel, and the oldest sport in North America, lacrosse continues to expand its border limits. As a strong advocate for global sports ambassadorship, we work with teams looking to travel internationally and help develop the game abroad.

This spring, we sent Shore Lacrosse Club from Easton, Maryland on a tour to England and Scotland. For Shore Lacrosse Club, the tour was rewarding on a number of levels. Playing four friendly games, sightseeing, and hosting a clinic were just a few key pieces that made this an unforgettable trip.

The young women of Shore Lacrosse Club found themselves learning left and right, from the people they encountered and the places they visited. Their journey included stops in Glasgow, Stirling, Edinburgh, Lake Windermere, Manchester, Stratford-upon-Avon, Stowe, and London.

Shore Lacrosse Club

Shore Lacrosse Club successfully completed a tour of the UK with the equal and all-encompassing goal of understanding the three core principles of WorldStrides Excel. – Explore. Discover. Become. As players explore a new international destination they discover that there are other cultures out there to experience in order to become the most well-rounded athlete and person they can be.

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