5 Things Teachers Can Do This Summer to Prepare For Fall

Summer vacation is here! Not only is it a great time for teachers to relax after a busy school year, it’s also a good opportunity to learn a few new things and prepare for the fall.

Here are five things teachers can do this summer to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Play with new apps to try in the classroom.

There are countless educational apps available to teachers to make learning in the classroom more interactive. Some even help with communicating to parents! Take some time to download a few and play around with them – you may find one that will aide your classroom goals!

Take online courses that can help with recertifying your teaching license.

Summer is the perfect time to focus on your own education! Enroll in online course that can help with re-certifying your teaching license. You can also attend a Master Class with John Hunter for the World Peace Game!

Network with teachers who are in a different content area.

Reach out to other teachers in your area, particularly those who are outside of your subject. You never know what sort of great ideas the science teacher from down the hall may have about engaging students, differentiation, or management!

Organize your email.

Take time to clean out and organize your email. Delete anything old, create folders for relevant information, and review what email lists you’ve signed up for and unsubscribe to any you no longer want to receive.

Pay attention to policy.

Read up on educational policies being developed nationally and in your state. This can be really beneficial when it comes to making long term plans and goals, whether as an individual teacher, department, or school.

What are some of your summer “to-do” items?


Article written by Sarah Wyland

Sarah Wyland
Sarah never gets in trouble for being on Facebook and Instagram at work, because its her job. As social media manager, she gets to tell the stories of travelers, teachers, and interesting places. Other titles she enjoys include dog mom to Knox, barre instructor, Crossfit athlete, avid reader, and world traveler.