Spring Break With WorldStrides Excel Programs

MSYSA Venice Italy

Spring Break – a week long break for students and players of all ages to unwind and enjoy the burgeoning spring season. For WorldStrides Excel Programs, Spring Break means one of the most rewarding times of the year. This year, we sent 20 Olympic development soccer programs to Scotland, England, Spain and Italy on international tours.

All of the hard work and preparation is totally worth it when teams embark on a sports experience that is truly once in a lifetime. From the challenging matches against academy teams to the exclusive sightseeing and stadium tours, we provide Olympic development programs with itineraries that create life-long memories.

EPYSA Girls London

Throughout the week, our partners found major success against academy teams from all over Europe. One team won the Copa Santa Tournament in Spain! The universal result of our international tours is that our players find themselves to be much improved at the game that they love. But more importantly, they come away with a deeper understanding of a new culture and an unbreakable bond of memories and friendship with their fellow teammates.

EPYSA Boys Scotland

The most amazing part of our international tours are the impromptu and spontaneous opportunities that tend to arise. This year, our teams were invited to an open practice and tour with the Glasgow Celtic soccer team in Scotland. The teams had the opportunity to experience the hard work and dedication that is required to reach the pinnacle of success.

MSYSA Boys Scotland

The busy, yet eventful period successfully brought together 20 teams with the equal and all-encompassing goal of understanding the three core principles of WorldStrides Excel. – Explore. Discover. Become. As players explore a new international destination they discover the exclusive nuances of a new soccer culture in order to become the most elite athlete in the world’s most competitive and notable sport.

To learn more about our other sports tour destinations with WorldStrides Excel Programs, visit our collection of sports and destinations at www.worldstrides.com/sports. To book an international sports tour with us, click the “Request Info” button and complete the interest form. We will reach out to you shortly thereafter. If you would like to refer a friend or colleague who you feel would be interested in booking a team for an international tour, click here. You could earn up to $2,000 for your efforts.