Proactive Approach for Potential Government Shutdown

As U.S. lawmakers work to finalize a budget deal and avert a government shutdown on Friday, April 28, WorldStrides continues to take a proactive approach to prepare for any potential disruptions in Washington, D.C.

At this time, we’re glad to see that an imminent shutdown seems unlikely, but our teams are hard at work preparing alternative itineraries in case key sights like the National Archives and the Smithsonian are forced to close.

At WorldStrides, our extensive experience prepares us well for this scenario: We have successfully handled several previous threats of government shutdown, and an actual closure in 2013. Our dynamic Course Leaders seize the learning opportunity presented in cases like these, and help students and teachers experience the history unfolding in our nation’s capital in a truly unique way.

You can rest assured, we’ll be watching the news closely and working closely with Program Leaders in the days ahead.

*As of May 1, 2017, Congress has finalized a budget that will keep the government running through September. We will continue to monitor, and issue updates as needed.


Article written by Beth Campbell

Beth Campbell
Beth is the chief storyteller for WorldStrides, identifying amazing tales across our family of brands. A former news reporter and anchor, she loves spreading the news of education and travel. When she's not digging through her email inbox, she's doing "mom" things and dreaming of future travels.