Social Sarah: 3 Ways To Use Facebook Live With Your WorldStrides Program

One of the newest trends in social media is the ability to “go live” and share what you’re up to. Facebook Live makes it especially easy for you to broadcast to your friends. While it’s a great tool for giving a peek at the dinner you’re making or the concert you’re attending, it’s also a powerful tool for planning and executing your WorldStrides program!

Launching Facebook Live is easy. Simply log onto Facebook, click to update your status, and select the “Live Video” option. Facebook Live can also be used in any groups you’re a part of to update group members.

We have three ways you can use Facebook Live as part of your WorldStrides program.


Parents are busy and it can be difficult for schedules to align for them to attend a meeting about your upcoming program. Plan a Facebook Live event to share important trip details, like departure times and itinerary dates. They can watch from the comfort of their home, or even from the stands at their son’s baseball game. The best part? Facebook Live videos are saved to your Facebook page, meaning parents can watch later!


Are you fundraising for your program? Use Facebook Live to let people know about it! For example, if you’re holding a car wash, go live from the car wash and let people see where you are and what you’re up to!

Interested in learning more about Fundraising options? Stay tuned for an announcement from us on when we’re going on Facebook Live to talk about our Fundraising opportunities!

During Your Trip

Family and friends back home will be curious about what your group is up to while they travel. Facebook Live is an easy way to check in! Go on Facebook Live from the hotel lobby to let parents know you have arrived safely – and maybe even let the kids say hello! – or check in while looking for alligators in the Florida Keys. We used Facebook Live recently while learning Scottish dances in Edinburgh and from the field at the Holiday Bowl in San Diego!

Just be mindful of any rules museums and monuments that may have around phone usage as some have restrictions in place! Your course leader will be able to answer any questions you have.

Facebook Live and other social media sites can help make your trip a huge success. Want more on how to use social media when traveling with us? Check out our new social media white paper!

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