Punting In Oxford

*This post originally appeared on WorldStrides CBL’s Oxford and Cambridge Summer Academy. Written by one of our participants, it chronicles a typical day during one one of our programs.

This morning started off great, I was shown a new place I can get decent coffee near college. Thank Goodness – I was definitely coffee deprived. Had it not been for that I definitely would have fallen asleep in class. The half Italian part of me is definitely enthusiastic about this new revelation, I can finally go back to starting my day with coffee!

Thankfully I didn’t fall asleep, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to follow the lesson on international law, which I enjoyed a lot. The United Nations is very interesting and at the same time quite confusing. I think I may like to look into the subject and read about it, it really is quite fascinating.

After class, I had lunch and went to the Lodge to meet the people from my elective and PPE. We didn’t have classes in the afternoon because we were going punting! I didn’t know what punting was, but it turned out to be something similar to the Gondola’s in Venezia: just going down the river on a canoe. It was very relaxing to just sit there and I saw some really cute baby ducks! They even let some people try punting themselves, which consists of pushing the boat along with a really long stick. I didn’t do it, but Bayne tried and was terrible at it. I’m not implying that it isn’t hard, it looked very difficult, but he was truthfully terrible. He actually crashed us onto the left side of the canal to just turn the boat around and somehow crash straight into right side! It was fun though and after talking to the other groups, everyone except my roommate had just as much trouble.

The croquet activity was cancelled so we had free time. I went into town with Luiz, Dana and Alex. I really wanted some tea and ended up getting a really good apple spiced one in Prêt A Manger. It’s fun to just walk around town and not have anything to do, so that’s what we did for a while before returning to college for dinner.

After dinner, a group wanted to watch the Euro Finals so they played it in the Margaret Thatcher Centre (one of the buildings) for us. I’m actually not a big fan of football. I do, however, live in a country which seems to be obsessed with it and do recognize the social side to it, so I decided to force myself to watch the finals. Huge mistake, I was so bored! And not one team scored until the second extra time! Definitely never doing that again (I’ve said that countless times after watching football games before, for some reason I never abide).

I’m just as tired as the other nights, though I did get a decent amount of sleep last night. Time to go to bed. Tomorrow we’re going to go to the botanical garden!

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Article written by Sarah Wyland

Sarah Wyland
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