Over the weekend, Dr. Wendy Amato, WorldStrides’ Director of Curriculum and Academics, shared her thoughts on learning through educational travel at an event hosted by students at a Charlottesville, VA school. (WorldStrides is headquartered in Charlottesville.)

The St. Anne’s-Belfield School “Greenway Symposium” was organized with TED talks in mind, with the theme “Big Ideas.” The student organizers asked dynamic speakers who’ve made an impact in the community to participate in a community dialogue.

Amato talked about stepping outside your comfort zone and seeing the world.

“Things happen differently in different places. It’s not always going to feel like home, and that’s OK,” she was quoted in the local media as saying.

“We work hard to bring the world into the classroom with technology, but I think it is more important for us to think of the world as our classroom.”

We agree!