Researching Grants for your Program

Making educational travel and experiential learning accessible isn’t just a passion for WorldStrides. There are many organizations offering grants and scholarships that help make programs more affordable for students! Many are available for groups and some for individuals too!

What is a grant?

A grant is a set of funds distributed by a corporation, foundation, or the government that doesn’t require paying the issuing entity back! Grants support many types of initiatives and programs, typically based on need and the value of the project

Advice on finding a grant

We asked our Program Leaders and Directors about grant ideas they’ve used in the past.

Local Grants

Start with your local community to see if there are any grants available!

  • Reach out to Booster Clubs, PTO/PTA groups, local banks, businesses and restaurants.
  • Parent-Teacher Organizations may have access to funding from a variety of sources and could receive grants from those sources. They may offer a teacher grant program at the school too! Reach out to them and others in the community to inquire about available grants.

Regional Grants

After looking at local community resources, broaden your search to the regional area.

  • For example, reach out to an Optimists Club. This a worldwide volunteer organization which works towards a brighter future in children and communities.
  • Other resources on the regional scale include American Legion groups, Retired Teachers’ groups and State Education Foundations.

National Grants

  • Utilize the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance to find national and federal grants. This catalog provides a listing of more than 2,200 federal assistance programs. Or visit Candid online for more resources for national level grants.
  • If you prefer reading something you can hold, check for The Foundation Directory at your local library. This book lists organization according to state and topic – there are over 100,000. U.S. donors and over 2.4 million grants available. This publication can be accessed online as well here.
  • Visit WorldStrides’ fundraising website to view some known grants from corporations and national organizations.


Read more for tips on how to develop and write a successful grant proposal!