How College Credit Enhances Students’ Academic Profiles


In a landscape where students are fighting to distinguish themselves among their peers in the college admission process, WorldStrides travelers are ahead of the curve. Many of our students are enrolling in Discovery for Credit courses, which they complete upon returning from their eye-opening travel program and enhance their academic profiles. What are the benefits of extending the learning experience after a trip has ended?

Driven Scholars

The National Association for College Admission Counseling has cited a student’s high school record, including grades and academic rigor of coursework, as the most important factor in the admissions process for first-time freshmen. In fact, according to NACAC’s 2015 State of College Admission report, a student’s curriculum is weighted more than his or her admission test scores (such as the SAT or ACT). Online applications are making it easier for students to submit coursework outside of their traditional high school. A transcript that shows successful completion of college coursework could be the deciding factor in receiving the letter that says, “Congratulations!”

Smart Spenders

According to The College Board, not only does college-level study in high school improve students’ chances of getting accepted to their top choice, but also it improves their chances for earning scholarships. Who doesn’t love free money? Entering college with already established academic credit may also allow students to concentrate on classes relating to their major. This means graduating on time or early, which can save families on tuition.

Global Thinkers

Our students have already proven themselves to be global thinkers by absorbing the culture of their WorldStrides programs. Discovery for Credit coursework allows these students to reflect and process their experiences in a way that is deeper and more meaningful than simply scrolling through their photos. They transition from being curious about their destination to having an appreciation for the cultural diversity across the continent — and the world. Many of our students have stated their desire to travel again, and once they enter college, they are more willing to explore study abroad programs.

WorldStrides has created an authentic, positive online learning environment for its students. Creative projects and constructive feedback promote student growth, whether they are studying culture, history, or science. Online courses require time management, problem solving techniques, and independent thinking. Experience in these skills will help prepare students for the discipline required to succeed in college.

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Article written by Randi Kessler Chapman

Randi Kessler Chapman
Randi is part of WorldStrides' own team of teachers, facilitating online learning for credit and professional development for our educator partners. Prior to joining our team, she launched her own independent business, and taught for eight years in the classroom. Today, she's passionate about increasing the accessibility of meaningful professional development to educators around the world.
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