AHSTF 2016: Reviews and Bravery

One of our last groups took their show to the Royal Mile today. The cast of Little Shop of Horrors braved rain and cold winds to perform several numbers for their show, drawing quite the crowd in the process. When the rain started to fall before their time slot, they got creative and used a trench coat to keep their Audrey II dry – and posed for a photo in the process!

AHSTF 2016

While their performance was a crowd pleaser, the real takeaway is how brave the students participating in American High School Theatre Festival are. It takes a lot of guts to get on stage and perform, be it in their hometown or another country, but these groups of high schoolers are taking the stage several times over at Festival Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival. Whether these students go on to win Oscars and Tony Awards or pursue a career outside of acting, the lessons they are learning here in Edinburgh will travel with them.

AHSTF 2016

In addition to wrapping up Royal Mile performances, reviews started rolling in for our groups today! Here are a few highlights from Broadway Baby:

On Little Shop of Horrors: “The company brings the spirit of fun that goes hand in hand with this show opening with a lively rendition of the titular song… These children bring a magnificent sparkle to an already dazzling show with a phenomenal reputation.”

On Metamorphoses: “The piece is, for the most part, very well directed and choreographed… The cast themselves show a great deal of determination, working well as an ensemble.”

On Shakespeare on Love: “A lot of work and effort clearly went into making this show a reality, from the fantastic costumes to the incredibly well-choreographed fight scene between Romeo, Mercutio and Tybalt in the scene from Romeo and Juliet.”

We’ll keep posting the reviews as they come in!

AHSTF 2016

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Article written by Sarah Wyland

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