5 Packing Tips For Every Traveler

“What should I pack?”

That’s one of the most popular questions we hear from students and their parents. While packing needs vary by destination – you won’t need the same heavy coat you may take to Iceland if you’re headed to Costa Rica – here are a few packing tips that are universal.

Make A List

While it may be obvious advice, make a packing list before pulling out the luggage. This will help you get organized, and help ensure you remember everything, especially those smaller items like phone chargers and power adapters. WorldStrides has packing lists available for many of our destinations to make the packing process a little easier.

Pack Light

Students will be carrying their own luggage, so before you pack that extra pair of shoes and another jacket “just in case,” think about what you’re already packing and ask if yourself if its necessary. Program Leaders will provide students with more information on baggage allowances, but typically a carry on and a suitcase are sufficient.

Think In Layers

Weather can be unpredictable. When considering what to pack and what to leave at home, think in terms of layers. A cool, rainy morning may turn into a sunny, warm afternoon. Checking the weather of your destination ahead of time will at least give you an idea as to what to expect – and tell you weather to bring the parka or leave it a home.

Roll, Roll, Roll

Seasoned travelers, especially those who take only a backpack, swear by the roll method of packing. Tightly rolled clothing takes up less space than folded clothing in a suitcase or backpack. Plus, rolled clothing is a lot less likely to wrinkle.

Remember the 3-1-1 Rule

All liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes brought onto a plane in a carry on must be 3.4 ounces or smaller and fit in one quart-sized bag. Sticking to the 3-1-1 rule helps travelers get through security lines quicker as the TSA confiscates any liquids over the allotted size.

We’re always looking for new packing tips. Share your best tips with us in the comments!


Article written by Sarah Wyland

Sarah Wyland
Sarah never gets in trouble for being on Facebook and Instagram at work, because its her job. As social media manager, she gets to tell the stories of travelers, teachers, and interesting places. Other titles she enjoys include dog mom to Knox, barre instructor, Crossfit athlete, avid reader, and world traveler.