WorldStrides Program Leader Finds Father's Image on Korean War Veterans Memorial

WorldStrides programs provide unforgettable experiences for students, teachers, and parents alike. Over the years, our programs have inspired students to pursue careers, introduced them to cultures around the world, and allowed them experience history up close and personal. Our program leaders also grow and learn on these trips, no matter how many years they’ve been taking students on them. Sometimes, our programs result in a moment so special that it leaves our program leader speechless.

On a WorldStrides Washington, D.C., program, our program leaders, Juliette, discovered her father’s photo on the Korean War Veterans Memorial. She and her family were unaware that his image was used, as the photos were chosen at random. She was blown away to see him represented alongside his fellow servicemen and women.

WISC-TV was able to capture her father visiting the memorial. Watch Juliette and her family’s reaction to the emotional visit on WISC-TV’s website.

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