Should Darth Vader Have Been A Conductor?

We are thrilled to provide students the opportunity to work with some of the highest caliber music professionals. But there’s one guy we’ve not had the pleasure of working with…

Darth Vader

One name missing from our adjudicator list? Darth Vader.

Hear us out.

Darth Vader may have been a conductor who simply stumbled into the wrong job. Sure, it may not seem like it at first glance, but upon closer examination, he would have made a great director.

  1. He clearly believes that breath is critical.
  2. He chose a distinctive outfit sets him apart, and he looks great in black.
  3. He found that a uniform-looking group of followers was ideal.
  4. To say he liked control is an understatement.
  5. While it may appear that his lightsaber (baton) had all the power, it’s really the force (of one’s personality) that mattered.

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