QUIZ: Presidential Inauguration - A First Time For Everything

The 2017 Presidential Inauguration is fast approaching and this year’s ceremony is sure to see at least a few history-making firsts. Will the United States swear its first woman into office? First business billionaire? Maybe the 2017 Presidential Inauguration will be the first recorded by a drone, or the first to be viewed mostly online. One thing is for sure: It will be a historic day in Washington, D.C.

We started thinking about the other “firsts” that have occurred at Inaugurations past. Do you know who the first president inaugurated in Washington, D.C., was? How about the first time telephones were used during an Inauguration, or the first Inauguration to be photographed ?

We created a timeline of some of the most important Inaugural Firsts. Test your knowledge with our “A First Time For Everything” quiz and then, for a bonus round, try to identify some of the important museums and monuments along The National Mall.

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