Happy Birthday, Thomas Jefferson!

Happy Birthday, Thomas Jefferson!

From WorldStrides headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia, we can see Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. The home, and its founder, is as much a part of Charlottesville’s identity as the University of Virginia – which happened to be founded by Jefferson.

We appreciate the history and beauty of Monticello, as well as Jefferson’s contributions to our country, and are fortunate to be able to send many groups there to visit year after year – not to mention visit ourselves!

Today, on Jefferson’s 273rd birthday, we thought we’d look back at some of Jefferson’s greatest achievements:

  • April 13, 1743 – Thomas Jefferson was born at Shadwell.
  • 1768 – Elected to the House of Burgesses
  • 1775 – Elected to the Continental Congress.
  • 1776 – Drafted the Declaration of Independence; Elected to Virginia House of Delegates
  • 1777 – Drafted Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom
  • 1779-81 – Served as governor of Virginia
  • 1783 – Elected delegate to Congress
  • 1784-89 – Served as Commissioner and Minister in France
  • 1790-93 – Serves as first United States Secretary of State
  • 1797-1801 – Served as Vice President of the United States
  • 1801-1809 – Served as President of the United States
  • 1803 – Louisiana Purchase concluded; Lewis and Clark expedition launched
  • 1806 – Lewis and Clark expedition concluded
  • 1809 – Retired from presidency and public life
  • 1815 – Sold 6,700-volume library to Congress
  • 1817 – Cornerstone of Central College (later the University of Virginia) laid
  • 1825 – University of Virginia opened
  • July 4, 1826 – Jefferson died at Monticello

Want to learn more about Thomas Jefferson? Visit Monticello.org.

Teachers often opt to add Monticello to their itinerary when traveling with WorldStrides to Washington, D.C., and other east coast destinations. Learn more about our Reliving U.S. History programs!

Article written by Sarah Wyland

Sarah Wyland
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