Global Hall Pass: Boston Strong

On Monday, I had the honor of running in the Boston Marathon. Running Boston is always a memorable experience. Taking in the city’s storied history while passing through the large, enthusiastic crowds cheering on runners along the course is invigorating. This year’s marathon was extra special as my niece, Claire, ran it as well.

Jim Hall on the course

Running marathons presents opportunity for great physical exercise, testing mental fortitude, and learning about yourself and your environment. It is a great personal challenge to complete 26.2 miles, not to mention a great way to learn about and explore new cities and natural wonders around the world.


As I think about it, all of this dovetails nicely with the WorldStrides mission of igniting personal growth for students through travel at every stage of development. Like training for and then running a marathon, traveling and experiencing new places helps us grow and extend ourselves past what we knew we were capable of. Whether running 26.2 miles through Boston, zip-lining through a rainforest in Costa Rica, studying at Oxford University, or singing in a cathedral in France, experiences challenge us and help us grow in many ways.

Jim Hall Boston Marathon

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Article written by Jim Hall

Jim Hall
Jim began working as a luggage truck driver as part of the then-family business in 1982, and has led the organization through much of its growth in subsequent decades. An avid runner, Jim now gets to explore the streets of dozens of cities, visiting WorldStrides offices around the world.