Spring Break Trends: Social Responsibility and Educational Opportunities

Across the country, students of all ages are enjoying spring break. At WorldStrides, spring break is one of our busiest travel times. According to an article recently published in the Boston Globe, spring break is becoming a prime opportunity for students to experience other cultures and have educational experiences that will serve them throughout their lives.

At WorldStrides, we’re certainly seeing this trend! Students of all ages are looking for ways to expand their global perspective and set themselves apart from the crowd, both on college and job applications. Traveling the world and experiencing other cultures firsthand is a great way to do that.

Many students opt to go on a service learning trip where they may visit schools and villages in remote Beijing, orphanages in Nairobi, or local schools in Mexico City. They also have time for sightseeing and educational opportunities. The interest in social responsibility extends into more traditional academic programs as well. For example, many of our business school groups meet with companies and discuss their sustainability or social responsibility programs.

“This is a generation of students that is invested in how they’ll impact the world,” Michael Smith, Senior Vice President and General Manager of WorldStrides Capstone Programs, said.

Our students’ interest in social impact is also having an impact on destination selection. More groups are interested in countries such as Ethiopia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Ghana, Morocco, and locations in Eastern Europe such as Georgia and Armenia. They are choosing the road less traveled.

High schools students looking for academic opportunities to set them apart have an exciting new spring break opportunity available to them through our Oxbridge Academics Programs. Next year, these students will have the chance to take part in the 2017 Oxford Spring Seminar, an exclusive week of intellectual immersion in one of the world’s great universities, Oxford. Days will be spent studying academic disciplines, attending seminars, and participating in field trips, while evenings will focus on plays, sporting events, concerts, and more.

Whether you’re planning a spring break trip for middle school or MBA-level students, WorldStrides can help. Explore our trips and contact us to start planning your WorldStrides adventure.