Catholic University Men's Soccer Team preps for England and Scotland

This summer, Catholic University Men’s Soccer Team will travel with WorldStrides Excel Programs to Manchester, England and Stirling, Scotland. The team will tour some of Europe’s most famous soccer stadiums and experience a different type of competition not found in the United States. Head Coach Travis Beauchamp told WorldStrides he is looking forward to the opportunity to take his team abroad and face an international level of competition.

“The international trip allows the team an opportunity to compete at a high level while spending quality time together,” he said. “The folks at Excel have been great at handling all of the logistics up to this point. We are looking forward to the experience of international soccer while immersing ourselves in a different culture. Watching live matches, going to the training grounds, and getting a real jump start to our season are all aspects of the trip that will be important for our guys. This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity for the players in our program.”

For junior midfielder Sean Adams, this will be his first trip abroad. He’s been looking forward to this opportunity since his first day on campus. “This summer, I’ll be going into my senior year as a part of the men’s soccer team at Catholic University,” he said. “I’ve been looking to forward to our international trip since the day I stepped on campus as a freshman. I’ve heard the stories of the players in the grades above me over and over again, and it is exciting to finally experience it myself.

We asked him what he’s looking forward to the most while in England and Scotland. As it turns out—everything!

“As a huge fan of the English Premier League, I’m hoping that our trip works out with the start of the season and we are able to experience a game or two,” he said. “It’ll be an incredible experience to tour some of the most famous stadiums in Europe and see the soccer culture up close. I’m also really looking forward to the competition and challenging ourselves against academy teams in England and Scotland to see how we match up. I can’t wait to sightsee and tour different cities in both these countries.”

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