A few of a music director’s favorite things (in winter)

Winter concert season is upon us! During the back-to-back performances that make up a director’s holiday season, we hope you’re able to take a breath and remember some of your favorite things about being a music teacher. Here is a list of a few of a music director’s favorite things:

  • Raindrops no longer falling on rosewood marimbas (because marching season is over) and whiskers on newly-minted basses (the joys of puberty)
  • Bright copper kettledrums (who had the time to polish those?) and warm woolen uniforms (for those inevitable outdoor performances)
  • Brown paper packages with new music for strings (because they advanced a grade level this semester!)
  • Cream colored flags (to stand out at winter guard competition) and no longer having to worry about crisp marching formations (at least for a month or two)
  • Handbells and sleigh bells (oh-so seasonal) and sight-reading to noodle (might as well start on next semester’s music)
  • Jazz bands that fly to the moon like Count Basie and Frank (though this certainly isn’t limited to winter)
  • Girls in black dresses with blue satin sashes (for that pop of color onstage)
  • Colds that don’t stay in your nose and disappear as quickly as eyelashes (though for that short time, extend your low range in a fun way)
  • Silver white winters that melt into spring festival season (approaching faster than you may realize!)

For when testing bites, when the district stings, when you’re feeling sad, with apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein, we hope this has given you a lift and that you no longer feel so bad! Best wishes from WorldStrides OnStage for a successful winter concert season!