5 tips for a successful holiday concert

So you’ve got a holiday concert on the horizon. You’re not alone! This time of year, cities and town across the country are treated to the voices and instruments guided by dedicated music directors just like you.

As you put the final touches on your preparations, don’t forget about these simple steps for a successful holiday concert and bringing out the best in your and your performers.

  1. Sleep. Everything is better when you’re rested.
  2. Hydrate. Keep dry mouth at bay, joints well-oiled, and body temperature well regulated.
  3. Focus on fine-tuning. When you get close to your concert date, start focusing more on positives and less on “fixes.” This is the time for fine-tuning and performance-focusing. Give your performers the gift of confidence this holiday season!
  4. Plan ahead to relax. Block out some quiet, post-performance recovery time. Coming down after a performance is a part of the gig, too.
  5. Enjoy yourself. You worked hard, your students worked hard. Remember that you all got into music because it’s fun and makes you happy!

Care to add anything to this list? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts with your musical colleagues!