Teach Through Educational Travel: Alkmaar Cheese Market

An ancient city, a hand clap, and a lot of locally made cheese. Where are you? The Netherlands, of course – at the Alkmaar Cheese Market. Located in North Holland, Alkmaar is a city that dates back to the 10th century. The town is full of medieval buildings, a beautiful canal, and a central marketplace called the Waagplein (weighing square). From April through September, the Almkmaar Cheese Market runs every Friday morning. This is one of only 4 cheese markets still in Holland.

Tradition runs strongly throughout this cheese market – from the hand clap that starts the market to the sleighs that bring the cheese out and the traditionally garbed cheese carriers. Now don’t get excited about all those rounds of cheese – this part is just for show! However, you can purchase cheese (all locally made) at shops around the Waagplein. You can also visit a cheese museum (swoon!).

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