A Summer With Oxbridge

A summer with Oxbridge is a life-changing opportunity to explore a new subject in a foreign culture with students from all over the world. Our programs are aimed at advanced junior high and high school students who have the desire and motivation to enrich themselves intellectually and culturally. Study with Oxbridge to pursue a subject you love, try something you’ve never done, or polish your writing and build a background for college. With eleven programs across Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, Paris, Montpellier, Barcelona, Salamanca, UCLA, and New York City, there are plenty of ways to take learning beyond the classroom.

This is the chance to make the city your resource, and be taught by teachers whose credentials include Rhodes, Gates, Marshall, and Fulbright Scholarships, as well as Mellon Fellowships, University teaching posts and professional awards as writers and directors. In these programs, you don’t just study English literature, you read elegies in medieval graveyards or retrace Wordsworth’s steps as you read his poems or visit the pub where J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis dreamed up their stories. In St Andrews, you live by the North Sea and read Macbeth in ancient castle ruins or learn modern medicine in a state-of-the-art medical school. In Cambridge, see the labs and historic sites where Isaac Newton devised Calculus, Crick and Watson discovered DNA, and Stephen Hawking decoded the cosmos — and then find your own scientific inspiration!

Spend the summer in France or Spain to have access to an equally rich set of resources. Live in the heart of Paris and study art or fashion or history. Immerse yourself in the French language talking with locals in markets and restaurants in our Montpellier program in the south of France. Want to learn about the history and culture of Spain? Choose from among courses such as Art, Medicine, Marine Biology or Cooking in Barcelona — in Spanish or English! If ramping up your Spanish by total immersion is your top priority, spend the summer in Salamanca, the “Oxford of Spain” and the birthplace of the Spanish language.

If you want to live in a dynamic American university, look no further than the NYCE and OxBridge UCLA programs. In these cities, the cultural and academic resources are virtually unlimited. In New York, you can study theater and see Broadway shows, or do business and finance courses that take field trips to Wall Street and the Stock Exchange. Live at UCLA and engage in filmmaking with the best of the Hollywood film studios at your fingertips, or explore medicine with the resources of a world-class Med School at hand.

There are many reasons students from all over the world join an Oxbridge program. Perhaps it is to study a subject for the sake of learning and to escape the pressures of GPA and class rank, perhaps it is to experience living in a foreign country or to indulge a love of different cultures or deepen their language ability. No matter your motivation, each location guarantees a wide selection of courses, small class sizes, energetic and motivated teachers who have a passion for their subjects, and plenty of activities and sports. Take four weeks this summer to expand your horizons and make lifelong memories with Oxbridge!