Rwanda Rising

Rwanda is not a country blessed with great economic advantages—it’s tiny, landlocked, and lacks many of the natural resources that have bolstered the economies of its neighbors. Despite these factors, and out of the shadow of 1994’s horrific genocide, Rwanda has begun an amazing transformation.

Massive efforts from the government and international NGOs alike have improved the lives and opportunities of people throughout the country. Infrastructure improvements have allowed businesses to spring up, especially in the capital city of Kigali. Electrification has expanded throughout the country, bringing the benefits of modernity to millions of poor Rwandans. Rwanda’s women, who suffered most during 1994’s genocide, have risen to unprecedented power in the government, making up 64% of the national legislative body. It is a Rwanda that the world has never seen.

Amidst this period of rapid, positive change, students have an incredible opportunity to witness how a people—and a nation—have reinvented their country. As a short trip, Rwanda is a stirring introduction to the economy and the culture of Africa. It is also a fertile ground to plan a lengthier program focused on service learning or a consulting opportunity with an entrepreneur.

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