President Cleveland Dedicates the Statue of Liberty

Did you know that Lady Liberty would wear a size 879 shoe if she was a real person? What about the fact that it cost $500,000 (or over $10 million in today’s money) to build the Statue? In honor of the Statue being dedicated this week in 1886, here are some fun facts about the beautiful Statue of Liberty:

  • It’s full name is actually Liberty Enlightening the World not Lady Liberty or the Statue of Liberty.
  • Three hundred types of hammers were used to create the copper structure.
  • Groups in Boston and Philadelphia have offered to pay the full cost of the construction of the Statue if it could be relocated to their city.
  • The island it sits upon used to be called Bedloe Island, but it was renamed Liberty Island in 1956.
  • For sixteen years, the Statue of Liberty was a lighthouse (1886-1902).
  • Lady Liberty has a 35-foot waistline.

Article written by Sarah Wyland

Sarah Wyland
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