Tirimbina Rainforest Center

Located in the Sarapiquí region and within the Tirimbina Biological Reserve, the Tirimbina Rainforest Center is an educational research center whose mission is to preserve the endangered plants and animals of the topical rainforest. This center offers visitors some very unique and experience-based opportunities.

  • Working with a resident naturalist, students have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch bats in nets, handle and study these interesting creatures, and then release them back into the rainforest.
  • Students walk the trails and impressive canopy bridges of this tropical rainforest ecosystem. The Course Leader, along with a naturalist guide helps the students identify native and migratory birds by sight and song.
  • Just as they did with the bats, students handle and study birds up close before releasing them into their natural habitat.

Did you know?

  • Costa Rica is home to more birds than the entire North American continent.
  • With over 430 species of birds including toucans, parrots, trogons, and hummingbirds, Sarapiquí is one of the best regions in Costa Rica to spot these radiant creatures.
  • Bats are the only mammal capable of true flight and are the most diverse mammal in the rainforest because they have extremely specialized feeding habits. Some have evolved to feed on flower nectar and pollen and others on fruit. Some bats have evolved to feed on fish, which they find by echolocation, and some feed on beetles whose footsteps they can actually hear!
  • Tirimbina is officially part of the 25% of Costa Rica currently protected from the deforestation.



Article written by Sarah Wyland

Sarah Wyland
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