Pennsylvania – Amish Country

Explore Amish Country, named in the July 11, 2003 edition of USA Today as one of “10 Great Places to Slow Down.” Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the oldest inland city in the nation, and its 18th-century buildings and nearby Amish communities give it a unique charm. Take a trip to Lancaster’s peaceful countryside and spend a day in the life of a different culture to develop an appreciation for the sacrifice and commitment of the Amish people.

  • Learn about modes of transportation and traditional Amish farming methods at an Amish farm and house.
  • Come to understand customs regarding clothing and schooling at a schoolhouse and at Rachel’s Amish Home.
  • Take a back-country tour and discover unique facts about the origins of Amish customs such as why Amish people do not want to be photographed.

Did you know:

  • Hollywood producers often use Amish-made wagons & buggies in their films to serve as beautiful and believable props depicting 19th century life.
  • Since the early 1700s, the Amish have established settlements in 22 states (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is the most well-known).
  • The Amish grow up speaking a unique German dialect known as Pennsylvania Dutch (which has nothing to do with Dutch at all, but was simply an early mispronunciation of the word “Deutsche”, or German, made by outsiders). Once Amish children begin school around the age of six, they’re taught how to speak English.


The Amish lifestyle

Article written by Sarah Wyland

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