Teach Through Educational Travel: Annecy, France

Annecy, just south of Geneva, is often known as the Venice of the Savoie (a region in the Rhone-Alps part of France). It’s a beautiful medieval city located on Lake Annecy, and bisected by canals. The town was built around a 14th century Chateau, Annecy Castle. There’s also the Palais d’Isle, a palace that was turned into a prison – and, as the name suggests, located on an island between the canals.

Annecy is well-known for several things, including hosting the Annecy International Animated Film Festival since 1960, as part of the Tour de France, and as a gastronomic center.

Teach Through Educational Travel

  • Watch this video to learn a bit of the history of Annecy. Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a city of canals? Have you ever visited a canal city? What was it like?
  • Check out this panoramic view of Annecy, and then click on the other photos to get a panoramic sense of the town (and lake). Then read this article on the beautifully clean water of Lake Annecy. If you were going to visit Annecy, where would you spend the majority of your time – shopping, eating, chasing history, watching animated films, or playing in the lake? Have you ever been somewhere that you immediately wanted to move to? How do you think it would be different than real life – would you eventually adapt and not feel as if you were in the perfect place anymore?
  • Food is important in Annecy! There are 5 chefs with Michelin stars, famous cheeses produced locally, winemakers, chocolate, and gelato. Read this enthusiastic account of food in Annecy. From gelato to freshly-baked bread to macarons, Annecy has a great mix of cultural cues when it comes to eating well. What are your favorite French and Swiss dishes?