Why WorldStrides is the Coolest School

At WorldStrides, we tout ourselves as the number one educational student travel company, offering a variety of exciting hands-on learning experiences all around the world. But did you know that we are also an independently accredited school and we offer the opportunity for students to earn high school or college credit? Combining our stimulating travel itineraries with our unique experiential learning activities, we think that makes us the coolest school out there. And here are a few more reasons why:

  1. The world is your classroom! – Our school takes students straight to the source – so they can experience your lessons firsthand. From learning the meaning of sacrifice at the beaches of Normandy, to walking the footsteps of Charles Darwin in the Galapagos Islands, breaking free from the classroom walls is an incomparable way to ignite your students’ passion for learning.
  2. Students don’t just visit-they live it! –  Our programs are unique in offering the LEAP Enrichment Program (Learning through Exploration and Active Participation) which brings interactive learning experiences to the environments encountered while traveling. Students can master the basics of hand-to-hand combat at a gladiator school in Rome or recreate the art of Chinese calligraphy in Beijing, all while being challenged to think critically and growing personally and intellectually.
  3. More than a hot lunch! – We believe that native cuisine is an integral part of experiencing the culture of a destination, which is why we always provide quality meals that feature authentic cuisine. Students also have the chance to try their hand at preparing local meals themselves in many of our destinations, such as the enduring classics of Spanish cuisine in Madrid or creating (and eating) traditional French cuisine in the Loire Valley.
  4. Experienced Local gurus! – Our Tour Directors are more than just tour guides- they are trained educators with intimate local knowledge that adds wonderful insight and local color to the destinations you choose. We select and nurture our Tour Directors with the utmost care, because we know they’re the real key to creating the right blend of education and enjoyment for your students.
  5. You call the shots! – It’s your classroom, so why not make it personal? You can choose to fully customize your tour so it complements your curriculum or emphasizes a specific educational theme. We can assist you in designing a program to meet all of your educational, cultural, and budgetary requirements.

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Article written by Sarah Wyland

Sarah Wyland
Sarah never gets in trouble for being on Facebook and Instagram at work, because its her job. As social media manager, she gets to tell the stories of travelers, teachers, and interesting places. Other titles she enjoys include dog mom to Knox, barre instructor, Crossfit athlete, avid reader, and world traveler.