10 Reasons To Go On A Service Learning Trip

1. Make a positive difference.

Each day we have the opportunity to touch lives and make a difference but often times we don’t know what we can do or where to start. Service Learning programs help you to make that positive difference and point you in the right direction for future opportunities.

2. Appreciate diversity.

You will get the opportunity to see how others live. Experience how similar and how different we all are and grow together as a community.

3. See results.

Witness the impact of your work on the community. Watch the faces of children as you help repair their homes or help to build irrigation so that they can become more sustainable by growing food for themselves. Help to vet an injured animal back to health and watch it run into its natural habitat.

4. Explore careers and get job experience.

It’s a great way to see if a job is right for you. Taking on service learning gives you the opportunity to see what it’s like to do hands on working in the field with others who have chosen that occupation as their career path.

5. Boost self-confidence and bring personal gratification.

What can make a person feel better than doing a job right for the best purpose? People! Doing for others always makes a person feel good. Go ahead, try it I dare ya!

6. Challenge yourself, your attitudes, and your abilities.

You will find there are things you will do that you never imagined doing before. Your perspective on humanity will change and you will gain that all important thing…”life experience.”

7. Make new friends and connections.

Some of the people you meet you will remember forever because you took a chance and made a difference in so many ways. Upon completion, you will see that it is you who have also changed and you will want to continue on that journey.

8. Make learning come alive and be fun.

Getting your hands dirty and working alongside locals while learning is a hands-on education that you will never forget.

9. Broaden horizons and perspective.

You get the opportunity to see the world through a whole new set of lenses. Service learning opens doors to the future and the endless opportunities.

10. Teaches practical skills.

You can take the education you have learned during your time helping and apply it to your day to day life. Teamwork, understanding, knowledge, and strong work ethics are all things that your future depends on.