Train To Be A Roman Gladiator

Caesar’s Gladiators is one of the most popular LEAP! activities. The structure of the activity gives students an amazing look into the training experience of a Roman gladiator.

The training is run by Alex, a drill sergeant like character, who not only knows his history but puts students through a true gladiator experience. He kicks off the day with an obstacle course to loosen students up and get them into the combat mindset.

Students officially start off their training with sword skills. They practice three main offensive sword strokes with a wooden sword first and then switch to a metal sword. Once they’ve mastered the sword, they move onto thrusting techniques with a spear. The spear work includes running towards targets (large sacks of straw) and throwing a spear at them like a javelin. Students also learn archery during their basic training. The final task of the day is one-on-one combat with one student armed with a trident and net and the other a short sword and shield.

I know, the whole day seems like an elaborate role play straight out of the Hunger Games, but we swear the Romans did it first!

Throughout the activity, our history teacher turned gladiator instructor gives the students historical context for what they are doing and engages them in discussion.

Students, still clad in their leather tunics, enjoy refreshments and locally-made honey to top off the whole experience.

The goal of all LEAP! activities is to elevate the travel experience to something more than simply tourism. Caesar’s Gladiators gives students the opportunity to not only experience history but do so in a really fun way. Students who partake in gladiator school will definitely appreciate Roman history and remember what it takes to be a gladiator.

Take an educational tour to Italy and become a gladiator!

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