Teach Through Educational Travel: Lavender Fields in France

Download a larger image of the lavender fields in France. Share the photo with your class, then try these discussion questions and activities:

  • Lavender has been used since the time of early Egypt, when it was part of the embalming process. What are some other uses for lavender throughout history?
  • Lavender is often grown for bees to flavor their honey. How has honey been used over time? Look up what flowers attract bees the most, try this resource.
  • Design a garden that would attract bees.

Article written by Sarah Wyland

Sarah Wyland
Sarah never gets in trouble for being on Facebook and Instagram at work, because its her job. As social media manager, she gets to tell the stories of travelers, teachers, and interesting places. Other titles she enjoys include dog mom to Knox, barre instructor, Crossfit athlete, avid reader, and world traveler.