Teach Through Educational Travel: The Eden Project

The Eden Project, located in Cornwall, England, is one of the world’s largest biomes, and is an incredible resource to educate the world about our environment. The Eden Project was fully opened in 2001, on the site of an old clay pit near St. Austell, Cornwall. It boasts two main biome enclosures, each one housing thousands of plant species. The environments represented in the domes include tropical and Mediterranean environments. There is also an outdoor garden biome (not covered), which includes local plants.If you go to the Eden Project, you can see the largest indoor tropical rainforest in the world, an educational centre, local food in the cafes, the longest zip line in the UK, art, architecture, year-round garden displays, concerts, and even an ice rink in the winter months. It’s so impressive that people travel from all around the world to see it – and gardeners pay attention to what they can learn there.

Teach Through Educational Travel
Download a larger image and share the photo with your class, then try these discussion questions and classroom activities:


  • The Eden Project is a world-renowned garden and philanthropic educational venture. Watch this video to get inspired. Then read this blog about a trip to the Eden Project. What caught your eye? Discuss why gardens are so important, and how preserving them and educating about them can help change the world.
  • Take a look around the Eden Project with this Google Map – what curious things did you discover?
  • Read this article on how the Eden Project – and greenhouses – work. Do you think projects like this can truly educate about sustainable development and resources?
  • Have you ever made sandals from an old tire? Watch this video! It’s one of the videos that Eden Project has to teach about how to conserve the environment. Would you make sandals from an old tire? How do you feel about our western, disposable culture? Should we be working harder to reduce our waste and recycle in different ways?


Article written by Sarah Wyland

Sarah Wyland
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