Featured Program: Young Entrepreneurship at UCLA

Do you have an idea for the next “big thing” in business? Or were you an enterprising young person who actually had a successful lemonade stand? What about an idea for a new piece of technology? Or are you interested in building a company from the ground up?

New Worlds Emerge would like to invite remarkable and unique students like you to our Summer Start-Up program at University of California, Los Angeles! Present your big idea to a group of investors, and you’ll gain the chance to win $1,000 in seed capital to start your business! This summer you can travel to Los Angeles and take home college credit, a solid business plan, and up to $1,000 to begin your future career!

At UCLA Summer Start-Up you will:

  • Engage in a college-level entrepreneurship course taught by Anderson School of Business professors, earning 4 UCLA units of college credit
  • Research the market for your chosen start-up
  • Compete with a team of your distinguished peers for $1,000 in seed capital
  • Present your business plan to a group of distinguished investors
  • Visit Disneyland and area attractions
  • Enjoy the beaches of southern California
  • See Los Angeles like you never have before!

Join us for 10 days in southern California to get a taste of the college life as you live in undergraduate residence halls and take an entrepreneurship course at one of the best business schools in the country! Enjoy the sights, attractions, beaches, and sun in this beautiful area of the country.