Crystal Springs Preserve is a 525-acre sanctuary dedicated to the preservation of Florida’s natural environment. With a focus on environmental education, the preserve features hands-on learning opportunities, such as wildlife viewing areas, wooded trails, a nature center, wilderness pavilion, and butterfly gardens. Students will see freshwater fish, frogs, turtles, birds, and mammals on the preserve as they hike, snorkel, and use dip nets to collect specimens from the springs.

Interesting Facts:

  • Crystal Springs is a second-magnitude spring system, which means its flow rate is between 10 and 100 cubic feet per second. It discharges a total of 30 million gallons of water each day.
  • When rain falls, carbon dioxide (CO2) is dissolved in the rain drops. The rain water moves down through the sand and soil until it reaches the limestone bedrock, which the CO2 slowly erodes, creating cracks in the limestone. Over long periods of time, the cracks widen and allow the water from the aquifers below to escape to the surface, forming a spring.


Crystal Springs Preserve