Embassy Row

Embassy Row is an area in Washington, D.C., where over 170 foreign embassies are located. While other cities also boast a collection of embassies, D.C.’s is world renown. Washington’s Embassy Row runs along Massachusetts Avenue from Dupont Circle toward the National Cathedral.

Interesting Facts:

  • Massachusetts Avenue was once a fancy residential neighborhood full of mansions. After the Great Depression, many occupants left, and the area became the home for the embassies.
  • After WWII, other nations wanted to represent their significance by having a majestic residence in the U.S., who had established itself as a superpower.
  • An embassy “residence” is the ambassador’s official home.
  • The “chancery” is where diplomats’ offices are located.
  • The Indonesian Embassy is housed in the historic Walsh-McLean House. Built in 1903 at the cost of $835,000, this home held the distinction of being the most expensive private house built to-date.


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Article written by Sarah Wyland

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