New Spanish Art and Design

Spanish Young Art: The New Generation provides a unique and fresh vision of Spanish contemporary art with a selection of works in different mediums, such as video, photographs, paintings, drawings and industrial design. The result is an exceptional exhibition that captures the essence of today’s contemporary Spanish art scene.

As it has been declared by numerous art critics, during the last decade contemporary Spanish art has entered into one of the most innovative periods of its history. These young artists’ creations have captured the attention of top agents throughout the art world. Critics, experts, dealers and museums support their work and pay them recognition through excellent reviews, purchases, shows and international awards.

This exhibition in particular features the works of artists such as Javier Arce, Cristina Cañas, Óscar Carrasco, Carles Congost, Ángel Hernández Tuset, Cristina Lucas, Pablo Pérez Sanmartín  and Fernando Sanchéz Castillo. Spanish Young Art: The New Generation, sponsored by the Embassy of Spain in Washington, offers us a fresh new look at Spanish contemporary art with a selection of eight young Spanish artists and their pieces in a variety of media.

Born around 1980, these young artists are models of the reinvigoration that Spanish art is currently experiencing. Previously, Spanish artist’s focused primarily on form rather than content. The common thread among the eight participants of The New Generation Collection is their focus on the emotion a piece can convey, in short content is the star. What makes their pieces noteworthy is the combination of the emotional element and the striking physical delivery, they have built on what their predecessors created and enhanced it. The quality of work and the relevance of the subject matter make this exhibition one of the most important Spanish collections of Contemporary Art to date.

The exhibition has been featured at venues such as The Cervantes Institute of Chicago, The Blue Star Contemporary Art Center in San Antonio, Texas, The New World Museum of Houston and continues to tour diverse art galleries in Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco and Boston. So if you live around those places, please don’t miss the chance to witness the immense talent of this new generation and their capacity to develop their own Art, very closely connected to the new tendencies of Spanish Design.

You may be asking yourself… Does Spanish Design, as an international brand, really exist?

And the answer is yes, absolutely YES! Spanish Design does exist and has an important presence, but it’s not internationally well known yet. When
people discover it, they are surprised by its innovation and ingenuity. The problem is that Spain is lumped together with a general image of Europe where
great styles of other countries already exist and dominate the world view, such countries like Italy, the Nordic countries or France.

Few people know that
Spain is an important creative player, especially in the production of furniture for interior design. Also, our street furniture design reaches a high
level of excellence. As Spain is a country that promotes life outdoors, as a result, we take care of public areas like parks, squares and avenues. In Spain
the street and the `plazas’ (squares) belong to everyone, so we have developed a noteworthy design industry as well as high quality interior design. When you travel to our country and walk around the streets you will definitely notice it, especially in our hotels, ‘bares’ (pubs) and ‘tiendas’ (shops)
from the very south to the north of the peninsula. Spain is a country full of vanguard art schools and new design tendencies!

Learn more about the artists and exhibition and the art movement in Spain!


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