Garden Cove Kayak Trip

Students embark on an exciting kayak trip through mangroves, coastal areas, and other unique Floridian habitats. Led by expert guides, students get a unique opportunity to explore Florida’s diverse environments and wildlife. The Garden Cove kayak trip is designed specifically for the beginner kayaker and will include basic kayaking instruction as well as safety instruction.

Did you know:

  • A highlight of the kayak trip will be the up-close views of mangroves.  These woody, coastal trees have adapted over time to survive in areas of low oxygen, potential flooding, and various levels of salinity, and to maximize their nutrient absorption and offspring survival.  One of these physiological adaptations, their characteristic finger-like roots, are extremely beneficial to other members of their ecosystem as well.  Mangroves provide protected habitats for wildlife such as fish, oysters, spiny lobsters, and the American crocodile.
  • Kayaks were originally created by indigenous people in the Arctic regions, and used mainly for hunting purposes. Archeologists have found evidence that some form of kayaks were used at least 4,000 years ago.


Kayak Florida Keys

Article written by Sarah Wyland

Sarah Wyland
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