The Winds of Change in China

27 years ago, the Accent Travel Group, now a part of WorldStrides, was appointed by China International Travel Service as an original agent to manage university programs in China. The country’s popularity as a travel destination grew with its economy. In fact, rarely has there been a more exciting time to visit this emerging world superpower.

Last week, the scandal surrounding a top contender for leadership of the Communist Party became the newest wrinkle in the unfolding political saga that is captivating the world. The questions that will face the new leaders of China when they are ushered in this fall read like the curriculum of an MBA course on its emerging economy: What’s next for the yuan? Which Tier 2 cities will boom, and which will falter? How will MNCs respond to China’s rising labor costs?

As interest in China grows and changes, so too does the repertoire of WorldStrides Capstone program themes there. Not only are we focused on more traditional studies, such as electronics manufacturing in Beijing or banking in Shanghai, but also auto manufacturing in Guangzhou and the emerging luxury market in Shenzhen. The breadth of industries and travel themes that our Global Meetings Practice helps travelers explore is expanding daily. Explore these new themes as we proudly introduce China as a featured destination. It is well-established that a trip there is an eye-opening asset to any education. Contact us about how you and your students can explore China in new and exciting ways this coming year.